Business Telephone Systems

Netcom offers telephone solutions to enable your business communications to work for you.

A Platform for Success

Using the latest in technology we are able to provide options and integration that businesses in the

past could not ever dream of.  Imagine your phone on your desk at the office, your phone at your home 

office all ringing at the same time using a single phone number.  Imagine getting your voicemails, call reporting and call recordings automatically sent to your email.  With the advancements in technology, if you can think it up, we can probably do it.

Built-in Core Applications

Our systems include many key applications in the core software and are based on a Standards-Based Architecture making these solutions right out of the box feature rich and user friendly.  Our systems also include a web-based management interface making it easy for an administrator to take care of basic every changes.  


An In-Office Experience Anywhere

The reality of the current business landscape is that work often takes employees away from their main office. To counter this, most client facing employees often have a mobile phone so that they can remain reachable wherever they go.

                                                                                                The problem that often results from this is how to make that                                                                                                                            employee more integrated with the business, so that it is simply not just a ‘                                                                                                    bolt on’ remedy.


                                                                                                With Netcom mobility and "teleworking" is a key element – instead of having                                                                                                  multiple numbers for one employee or employees having to remember to                                                                                                      forward their desk phone to their cell phone. We have the ability to make                                                                                                        your employee's office desk phone, their home office phone and their cell                                                                                                      phone all ring at the same time. Thus ensuring client facing or remote                                                                                                            working employees never miss important customer calls and allowing                                                                                                            external mobile devices to become more integrated within the business.


                                                                                                Through our solutions your business can benefit from native mobility                                                                                                              support for capabilities, such as desk phone twinning, active call hand-off                                                                                                    between a desk phone and mobile device, single number identity, and hot                                                                                                    desking into external communications devices, so that it acts like their                                                                                                            business desk phone.


                                                                                                Employees are provided with the freedom to communicate from wherever                                                                                                    their workday takes them, without the burden of escalating mobility costs for                                                                                                  your business.

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