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The SpydurPBX truly is a "best-of-breed" system where you can fully utilize any mixture
of standards-based hardware from any manufacturer and communicate across any medium

Dialtone is only the beginning, and all brands and manufacturers are not created equally. The simple truth is that there is not a single "best" telephone as different manufacturers have different strengths & weaknesses. Therefore, the recommendation always depends upon the value it provides in fulfilling the needs and desires of your specific application. It simply makes the most sense to pick the best endpoints, using the best system, and with the most features you will appreciate!

  •  Analog, Digital, Cellular, and IP Lines

  •  Wired and Wireless Stations

  •  DECT, WiFi, and Cellular Phones

  •  Hardphones, Softphones, and Mobile Apps

  •  Supports All mobility platforms

       (Android, iOS, Windows Mobile)

  •  Supports All operating systems

       (Linux, MacOSX, Windows)

  •  Supports All standard protocols

       (SIP, IAX, SCCP, UNIStim)